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Your website … and the dreaded GDPR ;-)

You may be fully aware of the new EU regulation, and confident that you’ll be compliant by 25th May, in which case that’s great! On the other hand, like thousands of small businesses, charities and organisations in the UK, you may not be quite there yet (or even thought about it).

Whilst we can’t offer legal advice, we can help you to meet the GDPR requirements around your website, and point you towards some really helpful and easy-to-read resources.

For all our own hosting clients, we are happy to update/replace your Privacy Policy and/or Cookies Policy, and make minor changes to your copy free of charge … if you’ve not yet done this, then please get in touch today.
The GDPR requirements mean that most website owners will need to make some changes (such as replace their Privacy Notice, update some copy and possibly revise their newsletter sign-up process) … and anything more significant we will always advise clients of any costs in advance.

If you don’t have GDPR-compliant polices and would like this, along with plain-English, actionable legal advice, please see the ‘GDPR Pack’ information below.

Remember: your organisation is responsible for ensuring its own legal compliance, so it’s up to you decide what needs changing and to provide the relevant information (copy, policy etc). Whilst IJL Web Solutions can’t provide legal advice, we do highly recommend the GDPR Pack below.

GDPR Compliance Pack

Many trade organisations are providing practical advice to those in their industry, but there are many small businesses, charities and organisations who still don’t know where to turn for help.
We can than thoroughly recommend this GDPR Pack, which includes pretty-much everything you’ll need (the checklist, suggested email re-subscription wording, Privacy Policy, cookie policy, etc).

The pack contains instant access to:

  • Email for refreshing consent
  • GDPR compliant privacy policy
  • GDPR checklist inc processing checklist
  • Data processing inventory
  • Legitimate Interests Assessment form
  • Data transfer checklist
  • Marketing checklist
  • Records retention policy
  • DPO checklist
  • Employer checklist
  • Employee privacy statement
  • Employee subject access request form
  • Response to employee subject access request
  • Processor agreement
  • Subject access record
  • Data breach record
  • Data breach checklist
  • DPIA form

The pack costs £197 via this link, and gives you instant access.

These are written by Suzanne Dibble, who is a multi-award winning business lawyer who consults with multi-nationals on data protection law and the upcoming GDPR. She is one of the few lawyers who really understands small business owners and puts law and regulation in the context of your business. There has been a lot of scaremongering and hype about GDPR (with the headline fines of €20m) and Suzanne brings a practical, balanced approach.

Suzanne has also recorded a number of ‘plain English’ Facebook videos around GDPR compliance which you can see

Free GDPR Guidance Videos

This page here lists all of Suzanne’s GDPR videos so feel free to browse them. They include many relevant topics, such as:


This is the information IJL Web Solutions are using to ensure we meet the compliance requirements of GDPR, and we can personally highly recommend them.

We truly hopefully this information has helped you to relax and worry a little less about GDPR compliance!


Please note: the GDPR Pack link is an affiliate link from which we earn a small fee, you can of course order direct if you wish, but the cost/support/product is exactly the same to you.

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