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WordPress 5.0 … to update or not to update, that is the question!

So WordPress 5.0 has finally been released (after may weeks delay), and so the question many clients are now asking is … should I update or not?

To answer that, there are a few questions to ask first:

  1. Can your website work with Gutenberg (the new editor that the 5.0 update brings, which replaces the exisiting text editor)
  2. Do you need to update?

Being a couple of weeks before Christmas, for many people now is not the ideal time to introduce a major change (although for you it may be the perfect time!). So the simple answer is that it’s probably worth waiting until:

  • You have time to carry out the update, and react to any issues which it may bring up
  • The initial patch releases which are bound to be issued have been released, which will mean the version you update to will be far more stable.


The Gutenberg editor is the biggest change with this update. Most people will love this, and find it to be a fantastic development, but not all themes are ready to work with it yet, so check with your theme’s developer before updating. If not, you can install the Classic editor plugin before updating, to continue working with the previous editor.


The other main element is plugin readiness. The major players (Yoast, Wordfence, Divi etc) have been plnaning for Gutenberg for a long tme and are fully ready, but there are a vast number of plugins which are not maintained, and some of these may break with the new update. Make sure you check that the plugins you use are ready, or at least will work with Gutenberg.

How to upgrade

When you do decide the time is right to upgrade to Word|Press 5.0, there is one golden rule – BACK UP FIRST! This is great advice for any update you carry out, but is particularly vital when carrying out such a significant update, and if you have a staging envirinment then use this (and if your website is critical to your business you should have one!).


So as long as you take the appropriate precautions, not may be a good time to update, but our general advice would be to wait until the New Year.

If you need our help or support with the update, or any aspect of web hosting, domain names, website building or maintenanace, please do get in touch … we’d be happy to help!




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