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How to secure your website … and why you should

As 2018 drws to an end, around 82% of web pages are served over secure https protocol.

If your website is in the other 18%, you really need to understand why and how to secure your website.

The official Google Webmasters blog includes a series of videos for websters, and the Novermber 2018 video was dedicated to HTTPS migrations, and is well worth a watch.

The video covers:
  • What HTTPS encryption is, and why it is important to protect your visitors and yourself,
  • How HTTPS enables a more modern web,
  • What are the usual complaints about HTTPS, and are they still true today?
    • “But HTTPS certificates cost so much money!”
    • “But switching to HTTPS will destroy my SEO!”
    • “But “mixed content” is such a headache!”
    • “But my ad revenue will get destroyed!”
    • “But HTTPS is sooooo sloooow!”
  • Some practical advice to run the migration.

Watch the video on YouTube here

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