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Achieving conversions is critical for all e-commerce stores – but some of the obvious solutions are easily forgotten

All online retailers know that converting browsers to buyers is critical, as there are often hundreds of other online stores out there who are competingy for those sales.

Getting customers to visit your store is a huge part of online selling, but making sure that your potential customers actually completes the ordering process and goes through to completeing the payment is vital for true e-commerce success. The success of tunring visitors into shoppers is called ‘conversion’ and your conversion rate is vital.

The guys at Ready Cloud wrote a fantastic article reminding us of some of the many tips for maximising conversion rates. Some of these are new ideas and many are obvious, but sometimes we all need reminding!

Some of the fantastic suggestions include:

  • Offering cheap (or even free) shipping
  • Fine-tuning your ‘Unique Selling Point’ (USP)
  • Offering mutliple, secure Checkout options
  • Making the checkout process take as few clicks as possible
  • Throw a lifeline to customers who have abandoned the checkout without paying
  • Feature ‘live-chat’ support
  • Using the highest quality photos, and showing multiple different viewpoints and angles
  • Providing clear and detailed delivery & returns information
  • Present lots of genuine customer reviews to help bild confidence
  • Include product videos

This fascinating article is well worth a read for anyone who sells online.

Read the full article on the Ready Cloud website

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